UK Online bingo | Did you know about these important facts?

UK Online bingo | Did you know about these important facts?

Bingo is one of the most popular betting games around the world. Historians trace the origins of Bingo way back 500 years ago when a similar number-based lottery game was introduced to modern-day Italy. At its inception, this was an idea to help fundraise for government projects. Due to its simplicity in terms of gameplay and rules, the game quickly gained popularity with the masses as many viewed it as an easy to try their luck at life-changing prices.

The modern-day format of the game came to be around the 1930s, albeit in a slightly different format. At its inception, the game was called ‘Beano’ and was usually played at carnivals. In this old format, the players would place beans on the numbers drawn on the cards as they were randomly called out, thus the name Beano. With time, the format of the game has been modified to create more winning opportunities. These modifications have also made it easier for gamers to interact more, making Bingo one of the most social gambling games.

As the wind of the iGaming world swept over, Bingo also rode the waves of change and joined the internet world. Online Bingo is rapidly rising in popularity, increasingly taking over the traditional brick-and-mortar Bingo halls. This is particularly so in the UK where online Bingo is a booming business. Every sunrise we are introduced to a new online Bingo site, promising to offer a better Bingo experience. In addition, the versatility of online gaming has given room to the creation of more versions of these old numbers games. While in the UK, accessing online Bingo halls is becoming much easier and more fun than having to walk into the traditional Bingo halls.

What bingo games you will find?

With the online version of Bingo, you will find nearly a dozen modifications of this game. All these modifications mainly play around with the size of the card and the numbers therein. In most instances, you will find some of these variations going by some different names, but the general gameplay idea revolves around the old Bingo game. Here we will be focusing on the main formats of the game that are largely popular in the UK.

90 Ball Bingo

This is arguably one of the most popular Bingo formats in the UK. The popularity of the 90 Ball Bingo goes way back to when the game was primarily in the brick and mortar halls. This popularity has since been translated into the online version as well, as 90 Ball Bingo still draws in more players in the UK market.

As the name suggests, this format involves the numbers 1 to 90. These are presented in 3 by 9 cards. In each playing round, you will be working with up to six of these 3 by 9 cards. The numbers 1 to 90 are spread out on all these six tickets, but each number appears only once. The rest of the spaces are left blank.

The general Bingo gameplay rule applies whereby you should mark the numbers on your card as they are called out. Each card holds 5 winning numbers. Unlike other Bingo formats, there are three ways to win here; 1 line, 2 lines or a full house. In the one-line Bingo win variation, you will have to cover the numbers in a single row on any of the six tickets. In the two-line Bingo win variation, the combination of numbers has to be on any two rows on the ticket. The full house Bingo win is where you need to get a combination on all three rows on the tickets.

This technically means that the 90 ball Bingo can have up to three different winners for each round of play. Normally, the next round will only start after all three are won. If there are any ties, the prizes are normally split. You will also realize that since the 90 ball Bingo involves a large number of cards, the price for each ticket is relatively lower compared to other game formats, normally retailing for pennies.

75 Ball Bingo

Similar to the 90 Ball Bingo, the 75 Ball version is equally popular. The largest market for this version in the US, though you will still find a lot of online gaming sites offering 75 Ball Bingo in the UK. In comparison to the 90 Ball format, the 75 Ball Bingo version is relatively easier to handle and play.

Here each round involves one 5 by 5 card. This gives each card up to 35 squares. The numbers are randomly filled on the squares, with one free spot left at the center square. You will, however, notice there is a pattern followed in the random display of the numbers. The first column will have numbers ranging between 1 to 15. The second column on the card holds the numbers 16 to 30, the third holds the numbers 31 to 45, the fourth holds numbers 46 to 60, and the last column to the far right holds numbers 61 to 75.

The gameplay rules remain the same whereby you will be required to mark your matching squares as the numbers are called out. Depending on the online Bingo brand you are playing at, you can select to have the auto-fill option or manually fill the squares. Normally there is a small screen embedded on the online Bingo game displaying the numbers as they are called out. You can also be allowed to purchase multiple cards for each round of play, normally up to a dozen of such.

Unlike the 90 Ball bingo, the 75 ball version tends to have an infinite number of ways or patterns to have winning combinations. Traditionally, players needed to fill only one single line of matching numbers, which could run either diagonally, horizontally or vertically on the card. With time, the game has been modified, and we now see double-line win formats, X-Line win formats or various random shapes. For this reason, it is important to check the help section of the online Bingo game you are playing. This gives you a clear picture of the expected winning patterns. Thus you will not be missing out on any winning opportunities.

80 Ball Bingo

This is a relatively newer version of the Bingo game. In most markets especially the US, the 80 ball Bingo version is also known as Keno. The 80 ball Bingo model was developed as an in-between between the 90 ball version and the 75 ball version. As such, it brings together various ideas from the two earlier versions to develop a completely new format of play.

In the 80 ball Bingos, you will get a four-by-four card featuring 16 squares. Here you can also opt to purchase multiple cards for each round of play, which can be up to 15 of them. This will, however, depend on the rules of the house.

On each card are four columns, with each having a different colour shade. The first column will hold any random numbers between 1 and 20; the second column will have numbers between 21 and 40, the third column will have numbers between 41 and 60 and the last column will hold numbers between 61 and 80.

The 80 ball Bingo version also features multiple winning patterns, which vary from one online site to another. Generally, you will find the winning formats follow specific patterns on the 4 by four cards. The most common of these available across all online versions is the single-line Bingo win. Here you simply need to find the number in a single line, which could run either across, downwards or diagonally. There is also the full house format, also simply referred to as House. In this winning format, you are required to cover all the numbers on the card. In most online Bingo games this normally triggers the highest payout or even the jackpot prize.

Recent developments have seen the introduction of patterns similar to those of the 75 ball Bingo. These patterns play around with the various feasible shapes on the 16 grid cards, with each pattern having a specific pre-determined payout amount.

Can you tell me how to play online bingo?

Getting started at online bingo is pretty much easy. The rules of playing this game are quite easy as all you need is to understand the pattern you are looking for in each round of play. Each round of play involves five basic steps of gameplay.

The very first step in this is to determine the number of tickets you wish to purchase. As hinted earlier, some online Bingo rooms will allow you to hold up to more than a dozen cards for each round of play. Each card will hold randomly selected numbers. Before the game kicks off, you will be notified of the patterns involved in the round of play. Online Bingo games will show you these patterns in a small screen that works like a live stream. The third step is where the game operator dishes out the random numbers as they are displayed on the screen. You will then be required to mark these numbers on your card or set the system to automatically mark them for you. The final step of gameplay is determining the winner, depending on who was first to fill out the requisite patterns.

Unlike most online casino games, playing Bingo involves no skill. This is a game based purely on luck, as it is designed to work in the same manner as a lottery. There are various strategies you need to consider while playing online Bingo. Though these strategies do not offer a guarantee for automatic wins, they give you a better chance of winning.

Understand the rules of the game

This is probably one of the most important yet forgotten strategies. Although the type of Bingo offered at an online site might seem familiar to you, it is important you understand the rules of this particular game. It is not unusual for online gaming providers to modify an aspect or two of a certain Bingo version, thus altering the overall rules of play.

Monitor the traffic

While Bingo is meant for fun, it is also a great way to win real cash prizes. If you are here for the real wins, then you need to understand the numbers in relation to your probability of winning. The best time to play is when the game has fewer participants as this means the competition is lower; thus your chances of winning are higher.

Software provider

As is the case with any other online casino game, there are dozens upon dozens of companies developing online bingo games. With some online bingo sites, you will find the games are developed in-house while other sources the services from reputable third-party companies. The software company brought on board in developing an online Bingo game affects the design, rules and overall gameplay. With some, you might be required to download additional software to play. The software developer also determines the payout rate of a particular game.

Play at a verified site

While there are endless options of online Bingo rooms, it is important you engage only with sites that have been verified and are regulated by the gambling commission. You wouldn’t want to invest your time and money on an online gaming platform only to have trouble claiming your payout. In addition to checking out for licenses online, the easiest and most trusted way of verifying a gaming platform is by reading reviews done by other gamers. Some great sites worth trying include and

Don’t go for the expensive tickets

The number rule in online gambling is working with a budget. You need to evaluate how much you intend to spend at a particular gaming session. Buying relatively cheaper tickets means your budget will give you a longer playing session.

Buy multiple cards

This strategy is purely based on mathematical calculations. The more cards you have at hand, the higher the probability of your numbers getting called out. This strategy requires a great deal of concentration. With online Bingo, however, you choose the autofill option making it easier to handle multiple cards at a time.

Consider the Bonuses and Promos

One sure way to generate more wins with online casino games is through the use of bonuses and promos. With online Bingo as well, you can use this as a strategy to win more money. You should carefully evaluate what each online Bingo site offers you in terms of bonuses. In addition to giving you real cash prizes, bonuses also give you more playing time as you can use the bonus money to buy more tickets. But you should also be keen on the terms and conditions binding the use of such bonuses and offers. You wouldn’t want to jump onto a bonus that limits your withdrawals by using prohibitive wagering requirements.

Regulations and legal info

Playing online Bingo in the UK is legal, provided you are of the legal age limit which is set at 18. One aspect that makes online gaming in the UK market advantageous and safer is the legal framework around the regulation of online gambling sites. The UK Gambling Commission is known for having regulations that are more stringent than most other regions, which guarantees gamers of their security.

In addition, Bingo is considered one of the oldest betting games in the market. As such, the game received quite a lot of attention in terms of regulation. The same has been replicated in the online forums as well. However, on your end, as the user as well, it is important you ensure you are playing at verified sites with the requisite licenses and permits. In the online world, you will always come across rogue operators. You, therefore, need to take your time and check out the reviews of the online bingo room you are interested in, before committing your hard-earned money.

Chat Rooms at Online Bingo Sites

Bingo has always been considered a social game that brings together people from all walks of life. Traditional brick-and-mortar bingo rooms are usually filled with life even as the players focus on their cards. To replicate this social aspect, online Bingo rooms are equipped with online chat rooms. The online chat rooms break the monotony of you having to stare at your computer screen all alone, but instead, you can interact with other players even as the game plays on. It is not unusual to find one game with three or even more different chat rooms running concurrently.

The online chat rooms tend to work as regular group chats on other social media platforms. You will find each Bingo chat room has a moderator. You can think of the moderator as the group admin or the bingo hall manager. In some online Bingo chat rooms, you will find the moderator introducing a number or two of in-chat mini-games. The mini-games are meant to keep the chats lively but on most occasions, can also give you chances of winning real money prizes.


UK online bingo has a vibrant audience, and the providers are excellent as well. From the article above, you can understand the revolution of online UK bingo as well as the different features you ought to find in the chat rooms and bingo rooms as well. We have also outlined some of the things you will look at before you can sign up with a bingo room and the good news is that we have a comprehensive list of authoritative and trustworthy sites you can become part of.

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