Progressive Jackpots | We have the secrets!

Progressive Jackpots | We have the secrets!

Real Money casino progressive jackpots entice players all over the world

Progressive Jackpots at Online Real Money Casinos Overview

Everyone would like to be a jackpot winner and have their lives changed. We will find out what progressive jackpots are and some of the things associated with these jackpots. Progressive jackpots have the biggest payouts compared to all kinds of jackpots since the progressive jackpots grow every time a wager is placed on the game associated with them. When it comes to the regular jackpots you will have a specified amount for the jackpot. These are also referred to as fixed jackpots. Some of these can be found at Fair Go Casino.

In the event where a progressive jackpot is won, the jackpot amount is reset to a predetermined amount, and the jackpot grows from that point. The jackpot will have a specified amount added to it every time a player wagers on the game. The logic behind the progressive jackpot is that a number of games are linked to the jackpot forming a larger progressive jackpot that will grow quickly.

Strategy and Tips to Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are mostly associated with slot machines, and in this section, we will look at some of the tips you can employ in your slot machine gaming to make the best of slot games. Even though there is no special method of winning, there is no problem in having a progressive slot machine strategy.

One of the strategies that you need to make use of is in the way you manage your bankroll. You need to be prepared for the worst, and you need to place bets in line with your budget. Do your best to have your bankroll last, and you will be playing for longer increasing your chances of winning more.

When you are trying to hit on the jackpot, you need to make the maximum bet on the game for you to be eligible for the progressive jackpot.

The beauty of playing online is that you will have great access to a range of jackpots. Check the jackpots that a casino has for you to try a hand in them. You can reach out to customer support for advice on the jackpots available at their casino. One of the most popular and played slots with a progressive jackpot is Mega Moolah which has a record in the largest jackpot prize ever awarded.

How progressive jackpots work

How Progressive Jackpots work

Progressive jackpots are linked to a couple of online casino games. When a wager is placed on any of these games, there is a portion of the wager that goes into the progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot will grow fast and to a huge amount if a lot of players will be playing in the slot. Fair Go Casino and Uptown Aces are great options with progressive jackpot real money slots.

There are also the shared casino jackpots where a group of casinos will be sharing the same progressive jackpot through one or more games.

The reason these jackpots are referred to as progressives is that we will have the jackpot growing until someone is a winner. Bearing in mind that the jackpot will grow in huge amounts, every player looks forward to winning the jackpot to have their lives changed. The competition to win these jackpots is high, but when you win it, the rewards will be high as well.

Frequently Asked Questions about Progressive Jackpots

How do progressive jackpots work?

Progressive jackpots are linked to a couple of games. When a wager is placed on a game linked to the jackpot, a percentage of the wager contributes to the jackpot. This makes the progressive jackpot grow faster and bigger every time a wager is placed.

The way you win the jackpot will change from one game to another.

What are progressive slots?

The slots are similar to normal slot games, but there comes a difference in the huge jackpot that’s up for grabs. There are chances of winning millions on a single spin if you get the right winning combination. The huge winning potential is what makes the progressive slots a great hit with players.

Are progressive slots better than regular slot games?

If you are looking for huge wins on games, then progressive slots will always be better than regular slot games. There is the chance of having a standard slot giving you thousands of dollars in winnings, but the progressive slots will earn you millions. As such, it is clear that the progressive slots can turn around your life.

Are progressive jackpots worth trying out?

Progressive jackpots will always bring an extra element of excitement to players’ real money gaming sessions since the opportunity to become a millionaire will always be available.

Which are some of the popular games when it comes to progressive slots?

One of the most popular online progressive slot games is the Mega Moolah which has been developed by Microgaming. This has been one of the largest progressive jackpots in the world. The jackpot is known to pay out a load of prizes that have broken the world record.

What are some of the biggest jackpots?

Mega Moolah has four jackpots attached to it, and the biggest is the Mega Jackpot. This is one of the largest jackpots and has in the past grown to tens of millions.

The second-largest is the Mega Fortune which has three progressive jackpots attached to it.

The Arabian Nights progressive slot from NetEnt has also set a record by paying out more than $8 million.

How do I win the progressive jackpot?

There is no formula to nailing the progressive jackpot. What you need is luck on your side, make the maximum wagers and have the right winning combination.

Top Progressive Jackpot Slots

Mega Fortune Slot

Megas fortune has remained true to its name. It had its biggest payout on 24th September 2011 when a player from Norway won €11,736,375 on the slot. He had decided to play the slot at night when he tried sleeping but he couldn’t. At the time there had not been such a win from a slot game, and this set the Guinness World Record for the largest jackpot payout.

Mega Moolah Slot

Another winner set the record with a massive win of €13.2 million. This is Jonathan Heywood from Cheshire in the UK. This British soldier won the jackpot on 6th October 2015. He won the jackpot at the right time as he decided to spend most of the money to facilitate his father’s treatment.

Mega Fortune €17,861,800 win

This win was made on 20th January 2013 by a man from Finland on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot after a 25 cent wager. This was a serious life-changing win that made him confused on whether to laugh or cry.

  1. Mega Moolah €18,910,668 win

This is a recent win that happened on the Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming. The win happened on 18th September 2018 when a lucky win at Grand Mondial Casino made the life-transforming win.

A little about the Non-Progressive Jackpots

You might be thinking why bother with the non-progressive jackpots when all the money is at the progressive jackpots. The non-progressive jackpot is also known as the fixed jackpot, and it has a fixed amount to be won unlike in the progressive jackpot where the amount grows every time a player wagers on the game.

The reason you need to try out the fixed jackpot is that there are better odds of winning the fixed jackpot compared to the progressive one. Even though the jackpot will not be life-changing, it is better since your chances of winning are bigger.

Tips that will make it better for you to win a progressive jackpot

Before you can start viewing yourself as a jackpot winner, there are a couple of factors that you need to put to consideration. These are the factors that will increase your chances of winning the jackpot.

If we would be realistic for a minute, no strategy will make it easy for you to win the jackpot. These tips that we are pointing out are some of the things that we think will make it better for you to win the jackpot.

Try out a jackpot that’s overdue

There are chances that you might be lucky when you choose to play a jackpot that has not been won in a long time, but this is not always the case. This does not mean that you cannot win at a jackpot that has been recently won. There are instances in the past where progressive jackpots have been won twice a week.

Go for jackpots with the largest amounts, and you might be lucky to hit the jackpot.

Get the fact right

When you research on a jackpot before you try it out, you might have a better chance of nailing it. Research on the patterns of winning as well as the dates the jackpots were launched, and you might have great information on how to best hit the jackpots.

Jackpot big win at progressive slots online real money casinos

Go for the bonuses

If the casino is offering bonuses that will boost your bankroll, then you ought to go for the bonus to build on your bankroll as well as, increase your playtime. More money means that you get to play longer and potentially win more. Before you can rush to redeem a bonus, be sure to check on the terms and conditions to make sure that the bonus fits your gaming needs.

Check the Cash-Out Limits

You need to check with the casino and determine whether they have limits on the amount you can cash out in a week or month. This will come a long way when you have bagged a winning. If a casino has a limit on the amount you can cash out in a week or month, you need to see whether they have exemptions for jackpot winners. If not, you can try out the progressive jackpot at another casino or plan your withdrawals after a huge win.

Different Types of Progressive Jackpots

There are different types of progressive jackpots, and they will be determined by a couple of factors. Some of them will be dependent on the casino games provider, player preference and jurisdiction regulations of where the progressive will be targeted.

Standalone Progressive Jackpot

With this kind of jackpot, you realize that there is a jackpot ticker on the game and the bets placed on a specific machine will be the only ones contributing to the jackpot. This was the only kind of progressive jackpot available in the past. You will find that online casinos are offering these kinds of progressives but the payout offered by these jackpots is not much.

Local Progressives

These came as the next step of the evolution of the progressives. They are still common and these jackpots are usually linked to games in a casino. The jackpot can be linked to a range of games that are in the specific casino. The progressive jackpot, in this case, can earn you as much as 1 million in payouts.

Wide Area Network Progressives

These are the most popular in the market nowadays, and we have been talking about them throughout this page. This is the kind of jackpot that will link slot machines from multiple casinos. A great example would be Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune jackpots. These are available on a myriad of casinos, and they will be linked together. The beauty of these jackpots is that they grow fast and the payout is huge. Even though the chances of winning such progressives are slim, you will have a life-changing experience when you land such a jackpot.


There is a lot to learn about progressive jackpots like the way they work, the kind of prizes they offer and how to leverage from them. You will get an array of progressive jackpots in today’s online casinos, and this is great as you will have better chances of trying them out from your mobile devices as well as your desktop. When it comes to the prizes; there are chances of getting better earnings from the jackpot once you hit it. Without a doubt, it is worthwhile investing some time and money trying out the progressive jackpot games.

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